[MV] repro body or ? (stumped in Seattle)

Tony Standefer (WillysJeep@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 19:24:52 -0800

A friend of mine just purchased a "jeep salad". He has a very nice 43
GPW frame with a equally nice 43 MB engine. The jeep is remarkably
complete. The body parts are in excellent shape as well (including a
NOS fender!). The body is what has me stumped. The last owner claims
it was a "jeep in a crate" blah, blah, blah. The body's strange
characteristics include; no holes drilled for foot rests, body handles,
doorway sockets, no gas tank strap bracket welded to floor, no rear seat
hardware welded in, no reinforcing ribs welded in on back panel, no
doorway pillars, no toeboard gussets, the depression for the axe and
shovel is not just stamped as is the wartime body but is a two-piece
welded affair, the hat channel behind the seats are really wide, the
dashboard and firewall are obviously military from the paint and
condition etc. It almost looks like someone took a repro body and welded
on the dashboard. However the condition of the body is that is has
primer and surface rust with a couple of rust out holes. My gut tells
me this is a early repro body. the previous owner claims it is "just
unfinished" or a replacement military body. Anybody have any ideas?

Tony Standefer
"stumped in Seattle"
1944 Willys MB (original body!)

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