[MV] Trade / Sale

tvddan.teresa (tvddan.teresa@mcione.com)
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 07:32:39 -0700

I figured why not ask. I have a few vehicles I would like to sell or trade
off. What I want is an armored vehicle preferably WWII, M8, M20 Stuart
tank, or M114, M116. I am obviously not looking for a restored vehicle but
what ever is a reasonable trade. Scavenged / stripped vehicles are OK, I
enjoy looking for parts. I have the following for sale or trade out of Phx,
M1028 CUCV with shelter in bed $5,000.00
M422A1 Mighty Mite disassembled, lots of NOS parts $2,500.00
M79 Grenade Lancher Kit Everything +, 425 rds ammo, All NOS $2,000.00
M43 Ambulance Some rust but straight no engine,or trans $1,000.00
The rest of my military vehicle parts inventory from when I used to
sell parts, engines, trans, hoses, belts, kits, brakets, rims, gaskets
lots of good stuff and lots of ok stuff, (I WANT TO SELL AS A
M151A1C Recoiless Rifle Jeep disassembled, lots of NOS parts $5,500.00

E-mail dan.teresa@mcione.com


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