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Rob Root (root99@earthlink.net)
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 20:17:53 -0800

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Hi List;

I have been following the various discussions on early GPW details with
great interest, and now wish to add an additional data point on the
topics. The following applies to my GPW s/n 3000:

It has a Willys style frame, with the serial number (GPW 3000, no
stars)stamped on the top of the left frame rail, just forward of the
engine mount. The front frame ends are cut off diagonally. The grille
has the indent on the top in the center, but I suspect this was changed.

I can also relate to Mike O'Farrel's commment about being "racked with
insecurity". But I am learning a lot.

Best Regards

Rob Root

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Subject: [MV] GPW SN's: stars? What stars?
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Michael Meister wrote:
>GPW SN's BEGIN with a star, as well as END with a star. So it's
>really *GPW95234*
The SN on my GPW frame (which has the "F" on the front crossmember) is 90216
- there's no stars front or back, and the letters GPW do not appear beside
the number.

My first few months with this jeep (when I was ignorant of the details)
were racked with insecurity - did I have an authentic WWII MV or not?
Having learnt a lot from this list, I happily decided that I did.

NOW I read that GPW SNs should have stars...

Can someone please confirm that a number without stars is valid. Or that
all I need to do is look closer...


Mick O'Farrell
Miss J - '43 GPW/mb

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