[MV] Temp Gauge Repair Report

Rob Root (root99@earthlink.net)
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 10:25:41 -0800

Hi List:

As promised, I am reporting on having a temp gauge repaired. I had a
very early GPW "paint can" style temp gauge, which I felt warranted
repair. I contacted Dick Evans, the "Temperature Gauge Guy", who
advertises in Hemmings. He had also done a previous car gauge for me.

My gauge was in decent shape, but the capillary was cut off about 4"
from the gauge, so mine was worst case repair. Total was about $75.
$50 was for the basic repair, and the rest was for parts (capillary
tubing, armor, bulb, and nut.

The gauge just came back, and it checks out as extremely accurate on the
stove. The armor is of the exact type originally installed. Mr. Evans
appears to have done a thorough job, and he met his original estimate of
time to turn around the repair, which is important to me. Dick's
contact information is:

Mr. Dick Evans (The Temperature Gauge guy)
521 Wood Street
Dunedin, FL 34698

Check Hemmings for phone, and call before you send stuff. I think he's
a snowbird (in FL for winters, VT other times).

Please understand this is only one person's experience. I suspect there
are less expensive repairers out there, but I have been at this long
enough to have learned that cheapest doesn't always end up that way!
Bottom line: it's a pricey repair, and the gauge should be in really
good shape (or very rare) to warrant it.

Best Regards,


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