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Sat, 06 Dec 1997 10:28:29 -0800

Brent Boxall wrote:

> The Lube Order (LO 9-2320-209-12) for my M35A2 truck lists the brake
> fluid as
> HB-VV-B-680
> Is this DOT3 (glycol based) or DOT5 (silicone based)?
> Thanks!
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> Brent and the List,

The question that you have raised and the on-going thread about the
Military brake fluids needs to be addressed before someone gets hurt or
worse. First please DO NOT MIX these brake fluids as they are not
compatible. When changing from DOT3 to DOT5 fluids a very good flush and
a change out of all rubber in the brake system is a must. The military
installs a sticker that tells the operator/crew and the mechanics that
the brake system has been upgraded to or has DOT5/ SILICONE installed.
These stickers should be placed on the dash or control panel of the
equipment and also next to the master cylinders and or reservoirs.
Following is the brake fluids data:

HB, Brake Fluid Automotive
VV-B-680B & AM I

BFS Brake Fluid, Silicone

If anyone has seen other information listed in there Lube Orders that is
not consistent with the above, please let me know and I will research
it. NOTE, this information is for M-series vehicles only.

SSG Michael (Mikey) A. Ellithorp

Maintenance Platoon Sergeant, USAR Observer Controler CSS/Team 3 3d Bn, 363d Regt, 3d Bde 91st Division (E)


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