Re: [MV] Scripted body stopped when?

Todd Paisley (
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 11:59:42 -0500

>That's unsettling to me. My father-in-law's GPW is GPW95234. It was
>purchased in unrestored condition. It had Script Fs on many of its
>bolts, and Script Fs in many places on the body. I've been told that
>based on the serial number, this is a '43.
>When AAW refers to a "scripted body" are they talking about Script Fs
>being present on the body in general, or is it something else?

Script bodies are bodies that have the Ford script on the rear panel. It
has nothing to do with the parts being "scripted". Ford continued to use
F-script marked parts in their production till the end. (Although the
amount of parts marked declined by the end.)

Todd Paisley

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