Re: [MV] GPW/MB 4WD how often?
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 09:18:22 -0600

>This question probably applies to all MVs with 4WD, but I'm specifically
>interested in GPW/MBs.
>I've never had my 43 jeep off-road, and may never - I'm not convinced it
>would be fair on the old engine, and I understand the 4WD was only supposed
>to be used when necessary, not for the fun of it...
>However, I don't want the related components to seize from non use. So in
>order to keep it happy, how often annually should I engage the 4WD and for
>how long should I drive it each time?

Hello Everyone
Regarding how often if any you should run a vehicle in 4WD. I
remember my owners manuals for a 79 Ford which recommend locking in the
hubs and letting the front end roll for a hundred miles a month. When you
shift this to an MV I would say if yours doesn't have hubs that everything
should be turning and will be kept lubed every time it is driven. If
someone has installed lock out hubs lock them in and let front end turn at
least once a month. It's not necessary to put the transfer case into 4WD.
If there is some vehicle where this does not work I would like to
know what it is and how it operates.

Todd Hall
Cody, WY

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