Re: [MV] M38 Carburetor acting up

Cliff Dahl (
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 19:14:18 -0700

One of the problems I discovered about 15 years ago with the carb on my
M38A1 sounds just like your problem. I put a new kit in the carb, but the
problem still persisted. Upon close examination, I found a pin-hole in the
bowl. I don't know why, but the jeep would run good some times and all of
a sudden load up and run real rich. After I replaced the carb, my problem
was cured. (Back then, carbs were plentiful, so I picked up 3 extra. Of
those extra, I have used all of them over the years, not knowing if they
just need kits or if they also may have a pin hole or some other problem).
Since you have not put a new kit in, that would be the first option to try.
Make sure that you clean the carb in carburetor cleaner before assembly.
This is the only way to assure that all particles and foreign matter are
cleaned from the passages. If you do the work yourself, make sure all
residue of the cleaner are removed and keep in mind that the float needs to
be adjusted correctly.
Good luck,
Cliff Dahl
1942 M2A1
1952 M38A1
1952 M211 (2)

but this
>brings me back to my original problem with the carburetor.
>I am not very familiar with the inner workings of *any* carburetor, and this
>one (Carter YS) should be simple, I guess, but, sorry, I'm stuck...
>About half the time the carb works well, with the mixture adjustment behaving
>normally. The rest of the time the engine goes into a strange mode - the
>mixture seems to have jumped way richer, with gas smell in the exhaust, a bit
>of smoke, rough idle, etc. When it is in this "mode", the mixture adjustment
>screw has absolutely no effect! Crank it all the way in, crank it all the
>way out, no difference.
>It seems like fuel is bypassing the normal, metered path -- but I don't know
>enough to troubleshoot further. I ordered a carburetor overhaul kit last
>night (maybe that will provide some answers), but meanwhile can anyone help
>me understand what might be going on?
>Steve Johnston

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