Re: [MV] GPW S/N: HELP-not seeing stars

Todd Paisley (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:08:52 -0500

>Hi again on the subject of GPW serial numbers and thanks for replies, which
>I'll summarise.
>Various List members have GPW serial numbers:
>1) - GPWxxxxxx followed by * all on 1 line
>2) - GPWxxxxxx preceded by * and followed by * all on 1 line
>3) - GPWxxxxxx on 2 lines, with letters centered over numbers
>4) - And then there's mine, xxxxxx, with NO letters and NO stars. (that I
>can see anyway...)
>Does this variation surprise anyone?

No. There were multiple factories and obviously they did not do things
exactly the same. I think if someone could find out the slight differences
between the factories, one could conceivably use that information to come up
with a way to predict where it was built. To do this you need to have
access to lots of vehicles in order to get the sampling need to do this.

> mailed me and said: "if my memory serves me well, early GPW
>did not have the prefix on their serial numbers."
>Is he right?

I don't think so unless he can come up with some evidence to support this

>Can anyone help me/GPW owners in general?

Someone needs to take the time and go through the Ford archives or share
information that they have.

Todd Paisley

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