[MV] Visually Modified CJ-2A for sale

Mon, 08 Dec 1997 14:23:05 CST

A friend of mine is selling a CJ-2A that has been modified to look like
a MB. It was modified in the 80's for use as a reenacting vehicle. The
modifications were approved by the WWIIHRS authenticity committee as an
acceptible reproduction vehicle. It has been used extensively at

The vehicle is a basic CJ-2A, in running condition. It has two small
echaincal problems now--including a fuel line problem, and the starter
is draging on it. These problems aren't considered major ones by the
owner. They are selling the vehicle because their group has gotten
smaller, and they just want to use the one MB they have.

It has the original windshield, however the Willys stamping is gone from
the hood. The tailgate has been removed and a tire and gas can mounted
on the rear. The grill was modified and fooled me--I thought it had
been changed rather than modified to look like a MB. The side
indentations for pioneer tools are made, and the mounting hardware is
present. The original engine was replaced with a 6 cylinder. It has co
rrect tires all around. I has fake bowbrackets (made from conduit), bu
t no top). It is painted in OD green WWII markings. It also has the
blackout light.

If anyone is interested the selling price is around $3,000. Contact me
for more details. It isn't my vehicle but a friend of mine's vehicle.
It is located in Western Illinois.


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