[MV] Mystery MV Seats

Brian & Robin Mead (bmead@mindspring.com)
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 10:03:27 -0500

Howdy List,
I just got four seats from a friend of mine. He thought they were Jeep
seats for my Willys MB. They aren't. The stencil on the packing crates
(two are in original packing crates) reads:

Seat Assembly
I?I 6-11-48 M?

I'm not real sure about the I?I and the M?. I couldn't read that part well.

If anyone knows what they are and/or are interested in buying/trading for
MB & M38 seats please e-mail me. I need correct seats for my MB & my
father-in-law needs correct seats for his M38(I haven't seen it in a while
so I want to check to see if it's an M38 or M38A1).
The seats don't have any rust(I have to check one of the crates, I checked
one already), original paint(a few chips on the set out of the crate) &
seat back cushion attached. They have a fold down back, the back supports
are cast, and there are hinges on the front of the seat so they can be
flipped up to access under the seat(I guess). If people are interested, I
can photograph them & e-mail the photos.

Thanks for all the info,
Brian Mead
Griffin, Georgia
'44 MB
'4? GPW

P.S. I know my friend has a few more of these seats in his dad's warehouse
& may be interested in "getting rid" of them if there is enough interest.

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