[MV] when in britain...

Hayes-Holgate, Shaun (SHayesHolg@ea.com)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 10:34:43 -0800

..do as the brits do. eat bangers and mash,watch the telly and put the
kettle on.
i've just returned from a three week journey throughout britain.we drove
as far up as
edinburgh in scotland,came down through the lake
district,gloucester,devon and
back to london.thanks to the advice from this list i dropped into the
air museum
in duxford.20 minutes south of cambridge.there were more planes than i'd
like but
the last hanger on the tour had a great collection of our beloved
military vehicles.
they had them laid out in a historic walkthrough from early ww1vehicles
to ww2,
korean war,and a collection of more recent hardware.there were
jeeps,dodges,troop carriers,artillery guns,a DUKW,etc.etc. they had a
ferret with a cut away view of the inside.i always wondered what it
looked like in there. i missed out on the
tank museum in bovington but i drooled over the vast selection of
diecast military models
available in some of the stores there.the exchange was terrible i had to
pay $2.50 for every pound! so no toys this time. anyways thanks to the
folks who recommended duxford it
was worth it.


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