[MV] ambulance for sale:

Hayes-Holgate, Shaun (SHayesHolg@ea.com)
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 15:52:40 -0800

from our local buy and sell newspaper here in B.C.,western Canada:

54 military ambulance 35,000 miles,exc. 4x4,nd some work
$6000 obo. cal judy (250)832-1366 salmon arm b.c.

*i called for more details and it seems that the owner has since past
and its his wife who is desperate to sell it. he used it for hunting.its
probably a
dodge M-43.i told her that her price might be a little steep since my
M-43 cost
$4500 in restored condition.she'll probably bargain.was'nt there someone
this list recently who was looking for an M-43 in western canada?

good luck.


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