Re: [MV] Mystery MV Seats

Jerry Cleveland (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 06:53:31 -0700

Greetings to all;

Brian & Robin Mead wrote:

> Howdy List,
> I just got four seats from a friend of mine. He thought they were Jeep
> seats for my Willys MB. They aren't. The stencil on the packing crates
> (two are in original packing crates) reads:
> Seat Assembly
> G67-33-83001...

According to my notes, G67 refers to a White M3A1 4x4 Scout Car. I checked Tom
Berndt's Standard Catalog of U.S. Military Vehicles and my other references to
confirm but there were no interior detail photos. MVPA Scout Car/Halftrack dealers
such as Rod Shaver (602-893-2201) or Gary Hebding (630-257-1100) would know for
sure and may be interested in the seats.

"Keep 'em Rolling!"

Jerry Cleveland, SUPPLY LINE Editor
Military Vehicle Preservation Association

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