Re: [MV] 3rd world military surplus

JASON GREEN (the_server_sucks@HOTMAIL.COM)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 06:00:57 PST

Through my uncle, who is currently overseas, I am slowly trying to work
out a deal 2-3 V-150 Commandos( duel Machine Gun turret models) which
are in mint conditon and are just sitting in the desert not being used,
near where my uncle is living. They are still in the military's
inventory (forgien Gov). My uncle has the contacts needed to buy them.
I know that the US gov is not letting any US military surplus back into
the country, but this will not affect the importation of these vehicles.
They were never property of the US military or any part of the gov.
Alot of V-100s where sold straight from the factory to these countries.
They were originally designed for use by 3rd world countries and were
never intended for US gov use. I am expecting it to be over 1 year
before they arrive in port if I am able to get them. Will keep you
posted. Gotta go.

PS: Finally able to get around the stupid import laws, ha ha ha ha ha,
just watch them try to stop me for some stupid reason.

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