[MV] Combat Wheels

Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:16:42 EST

Someone recently asked about some WWII Jeep Combat wheels, and I lost the
address. I have five combat wheels in overall fair condition. They are
solid, but need some bolts, a little straightening, a spot of weld here and
there, and a some tender loving care in general. Have been sandblasted and
primed. Will sell for $200 plus shipping cost. If you are interested contact
me INDUSTELE @ aol.com or phone (205) 491-1972 work, (205) 744-6229 home.

Also am the proud owner of about 40 setups for 24 volt electric winshield
wipers, have sold some to list readers, but still have these available.
$20.00 each plus shipping. All are located near Birmingham, Alabama USA

Good Luck, Good Hunting, and NEVER tell the wife what it cost.
Tom Campbell 8-)

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