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Nelson (aa1mo@pop.tiac.net)
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 18:52:04

Re a recent posting on a good WWII color book by Jonathan Gawne;

All military buffs should be aware that COLOR WWII pictures are generally
quite scarce, and potentially of value (not just monetary) to many
collectors and archives, military & civillian. Color photography was just
begining in the US at the start of the war, and pre-1950 color photos were
not taken in any great numbers.
Should anybody ever come across a vets collection which contains any
early slides, they should be bought, copied and passed on. The readers of
this list will find that only color photos can answer questions about what
color certain parts whould be painted. Were some markings blue drab, white
or even yellow? Only a color photo will tell which color the convoy
markings were on an MV.
In recent years, there have been major changes in the publishing
industry and it is now possible to print books using color photos for
afforable prices. This means that archives like the Army's Carlisle
Barracks are receiving requests for color photos that are not available.
This is why the Gawne book contains several photos used widely in other books.
"The Victory Era, in color", by Jeff Ethell (162 pages, all color by
Reminisce Books, P.O. Box 990, Greendale, WI, 53129, PH 1-800-558-1013) is
another of the several color WWII books currently on the market. In the
introduction, Ethell, a collector, tells the story of his first finding the
first collection of WWII era color photos, and his search for more.
Kokak Kokachrome was just developed shortly before WWII, and little use was
made of it during the war, mostly by amateurs. As Ethell puts it, the value
of these color photos is immeasurable. They were not colorized by Ted
Turner, there are no re-enactors dressed in period uniforms with props
gathered from museums. The pictures are real, taken by the soldiers,
sailors and airmen in the middle of it all.
We, in the military vehicle hobby, are the curators of vehicles and
other relics held for the future. It's up to us to insure that as much of
our history gets preserved as possible for our children.

Nelson Dionne
MVCC #411
'42 Harley WLA
'54 ex-USAF Simplex
'43 Columbia M-305
'43 Westfield paratrooper
'42 Jerold Sulky Co, litter carrier

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