[MV] WC51 bed restoration

Frances/Steve Smith (smittysline@telis.org)
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 12:30:14 -0700

Happy Holidays Everyone:

This WC 51 bed I'm working on is pretty rough with a lot of rust holes
and various add on holes either punched in the metal or drilled.

My question's are! should I attempt to replace the metal sheeting where
it is rusted out, Lead it in, or use bondo?

Are there any alternatives avaiable to the do it yourselfer in the wifes
garage, type person?

To you who have restored something like this, what did you do to yours,
and are you happy with the results? Otherwise, what do I need to do
besides take it to a pro bodyshop or deepsix it?

Many thanks, to all of you who answer peoples questions and have great
advice for the novice.

42 WC51

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