[MV] GPW/MB blackout & fuel price

Mick O'Farrell (mick@trinity-design.ie)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 18:52:59 +0100

Andreas wrote:
>Unleaded regular gas costs here US-$ 3.50 per US-gallon, so people look
>how to save fuel.
>Regards from the country with the expensive fuel,

Much to my sorrow, I can beat that. The same fuel here costs nearly $4.20
per US gallon.
I wish I could wave a magic magnet and save some money.

By the way - a quick Jeep question or 2:

I have the U-shaped blackout lamp on my '43 jeep, as opposed to the
horseshoe-shaped one.
Q1: Most pictures I've seen show the horseshoe-shaped lamp. Are the U
shapes rarer, or am I looking at the wrong pictures?!
Q2: There are 4 or 5 regularly spaced holes in the U-band - can anyone tell
me what they're for?

Thanks everyone and regards from the country with (even more) expensive fuel.
(Is it too early to say "Happy Christmas"?)

Mick O'Farrell
Miss J - '43 GPW/mb

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