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>very little Doug, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I don't know if you
remember, I
>also once quoted my experience of the French Foreign Legion..... only
>using grease in the hubs on the Ferrets they used in Chad and Mali
>(central north Africa). I am fairly sure that it was 'graphite
>which is pretty much akin to being the same stuff.

Hi all,
The Military had a liking for adding a small proportion of OX 320 to EP
gear oils and refer to it throughout the Stalwart servicing schedule
These bevel boxes/ hub epicyclics are entirely similar to all the 600
series and the Ferret is a scaled down version. My lube contact at DERA
tells me that OX 320 is colloidal graphite and more commonly used on
exposed gun recoil slides, there seemed to be a fashion in the mid 70's
for adding "magic" ingredients he says, but no real advantage was

You'll certainly know if the mil additive is there as the oil looks more
like diesel sump sludge, i.e., black.

For my part I'm doing regular enforced oil changes since all the Fina
Pontonic 80W/90EP I put in is in the punt a week later, roll on spring,
we'll start with lifting 1010 lb. of B 81 out and continue from there!


(Southampton UK)

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