Re: [MV] 6v to 12v Conversion Question

Jim Davidson (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 18:20:01 -0800


The 7805 is a great device for dropping voltage, easy to find, and very
forgiving. There are also similar devices that will produce more current.
The LM150 in a steel TO3 can (looks like a power transistor) can supply up
to 3 Amps, and it's output voltage is adjustable. Available from Digi-Key:

Also, the LM138 will supply up to 5A. Digi-Key doesn't stock it, though...

Regardless of what you use, be sure it's heat-sinked properly, and watch
out, it can get pretty hot if it's supplying a lot of current!

I'd like to find one that can supply about 10-20 Amps, to run a 6v wiper.
Alas, that is a more difficult task. I finally wimped out and settled on a
6V lantern battery tucked under the hood. I figured that would get me thru a
sudden rain, and I don't drive it if it looks gloomy out. So far, so good!

JIM :}

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