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Rob Root (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 20:33:52 -0800

Corey Elliott wrote:
> I searched the archives but was unable to find the answer for my question.
> My brother and I are converting our Dodge WC-6 to 12v from 6v. We have
> everything ready to go except one thing. We will convert all the bulbs,
> etc. to 12v but we want to keep the original instruments. I read a thread
> about 24v to 12v conversions and several people suggested some sort of
> commercial regulators that were very expensive, 300+ US dollars. We are on
> a _very_ limited budget and would like to use money like that elsewhere on
> the truck!! Is there any way to use series wired resistors at each gauge to
> knock the voltage down?? Or any other options we can look for???
> Thanks in advance!
> Corey Elliott
> Amarillo, TX, USA


I was reading a hot rod magazine not too long ago, which had an article
exactly this subject. Interestingly, the article claimed that certain
OEM gauges
continued to be six volt, despite the fact that the cars were 12 volt.
I wish I
had the article, or could at least remember which magazine.

Anyway, the article explained that the manufacturers included little
voltage reducers
which attached to the back of some of the gauges. If I remember right,
I think Mustangs
were specifically mentioned as being set up this way, up into the late
1980's. The article
went on to say the same little voltage reducer could be adapted to
enable an original 6v gauge
from an old car to be used in a 12v system. I believe they said that
this would not work for
an ammeter, but the ammeter is indifferent to voltage anyway, right?
Anyone else happen to
read that article?

JC Whitney also offers similar devices which range in price depending on
the amount of current
the device needs to withstand. My jeep originally had a ceramic half
circle-shaped resistor which
dropped the voltage for the fuel gauge and for 6v wiper motors, so there
are cheaper options.

Hope this helps...

Rob Root
1942 GPW

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