[MV] Antique restrictions?

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (keith@apache.ENET.dec.com)
Wed, 17 Dec 97 08:13:59 EST

I pulled this of an internal company Notes file. I enter it here for discsssion
and to see if anyone has heard anything about this.


This was from July 1997 Willys World newsletter and reads:

The US Congress has 60 days from June 25 to vote approval or not. The
following scenarios are highly likely if these regulations are enacted:

1. Federal/State collector car mileage checks. Collector cars will be
defined as any pre-1968 vehicle.

- Mandatory 2-3k mile annual travel limits for collector cars.
- Bi-Annual mileage/odometer tampering checks-similar to prodecures
for emission testing.
- Fines based on mileage exceeding the mandatory limits.
- Fines/imprisonment if odometer tampering is detected.

2. Federal/State collector car permits.

- Bi-annual permits-probably to be paid at time of the
mileage/odometer checks.
- Permit amount TBA, but 1% of vehicle market value is being
- Every collector car will need a permit.

There was no reference to EPA legislation bill numbers and the article was
spiced with "chicken little" statements (which I've omitted). So I'm not
entirely sure of it's validity. Also, I checked out the EPA web page and a
quick look didn't turn up anything like this.


ps. I *really* like your solution of buying more antiques!

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