Re: [MV] Antique restrictions?

Wed, 17 Dec 1997 23:56:17 EST

They may be tossing these ideas around, but as a law dog I have not heard any
serious discussions of this. Anyway, it would be unenforceable and would be
met with massive civil noncompliance. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

In most states, it is your choice as to whether you register your veh as a
passenger car/truck, or as a historic vehicle. As long as you pay your tags
and pass any applicable emissions test you can drive all you want.

Licensing of motor vehicles is a states right, and the federal government has
no juristiction. I belive it would be a violation of the 10th Ammendment for
the feds to mandate this funded or not.

Ferret Mk 1/2

**** They can have my vintage vehicles when they can pry them from under my
cushy warm butt****

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