RE [MV] Antique restrictions?

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (
Thu, 18 Dec 97 06:40:24 EST

The problem with these 'potential' restrictions is that the Feds (in the US)
have a way around stares rights; they simply tie restrictions to something
else. Like when they proposed manditory emissions testing. If a state didn't do
it as was their right, they lost fed highway funds which can be up to 90% of
the cost of an interstate highway. Most states would gladly trade our antiques
for the almighty buck!

I try to watch out for anything like this and bring it to peoples attention,
because sooner or later the opposing forces will gather enough 'feel gooders'
who "I don't own an antique car/truck so it doesn't bother me" people that it
migh have a chance of passing.

One tactic (at least her in the US) is to make sure that you are registered to
vote and registered Independent. By registering Independent, any candidate,
Republican or Democrat will try and court you and may be more sensitive to your
feelings. If you are registered ad one of our two parties, they will either
think that you are a party faithful, or that they can't win your vote anyway.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom..."


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