Re: [MV] Sandblasting cabinets..TIP TOOLS ?????

Jim Corcoran (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 10:17:26 -0600

I've been extremely happy in my dealings with TIP over the years. For
years I used a Sears siphon blaster outdoors (did a frame off restoration
of a 1944 MB this way). Finally I bought a TIP 99-S. It is unbelievable
how much faster and easier sandblasting is now. I also converted to 1/2"
hoses which helped.

As for cabinets, I bought an inexpensive cabinet from Eastwood Co six years
ago and wasn't happy with it. I ended up buying a new siphon hose and gun
from TIP and the cabinet works okay now. Also, last year, I bought a TIP
dust collector for my Eastwood cabinet. I had been using a shop vac which
did a poor job of keeping the dust down, but the dust collector solved the
dust problem.

Two things I really like about TIP. One is that they sell the parts for
maintaining or repairing their equipment, so if you break or wear out
something you can get the pieces to fix it yourself. The second is their
willingness to help you with a problem and give advice. If you haven't
already, I would suggest you call them and tell them what you are thinking
about buying, what the job is you want to do, what resources you already
have (size of compressor, etc.) and they'll make recommendations and give
you some alternatives.

BTW, I am no way associated with TIP other than being an occasional
customer. In these days of conglomerate chain stores, where "There ya go"
has replaced "Thank You (for spending your money at our place of
business)", it's a pleasure to recommend businesses that are customer

Regards, Jim.

Jim Corcoran
Austin, Texas

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