Re: [MV] The Cheap Mechanic- Differential Overhaul Update

Rod Diery (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 23:15:30 +0800

> (I have a pair of brass drifts for installing new bearing cups. Brass
> drifts can be used to install bearing cups if you're careful. Steel
> drifts tend to dent the cups. I once paid a guy $20 to press bearings
> into some hubs for me. When I got there, I found that his "press" was a
> big hammer and a steel drift. The dents were significant.)
Hi again everyone,
I have already commented on using heat and hammers to remove bearings from
shafts but a litle tip here might be useful.

Brass drifts are great because they are softer than most steel bearings and
cups but there is a down side too. Brass sometimes tends to splinter when
struck and those splinters can get into places in bearings where they are
definitely unwanted.

Many years ago I was taught that when installing bearings, a mild steel
drift should be used since A: it was softer than the hardened steel of the
bearings and B: it would tend to deform rather than splinter when struck
against a harder material.

I must say that in over 25 years of engineering, I have found this to be


Rod Diery
Kulin, Western Australia

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