[MV] Cleaning Vent Lines of Paint...

Scott Strance (Strance@classic.msn.com)
Sat, 20 Dec 97 23:56:19 UT

I'm at the point of putting my long-block back together for my 53 M38A1 and
have a question reagarding the vent lines that traverse all over the engine.
Several of them have paint on them as well as grease etc. What's the best way
to effectively clean them quickly?

I was comptemplating spraying on the aircraft paint remover in a can and going
that route. Or... just letting them sit in varsol or kerosene until the
paint/grease got 'goopy' then rub it off with a rag. Any suggestions would be

Thanks in advance!

Austin, Texas
53 M38A1 (starting to look like a jeep again thanks to the list!)
66 M416 (It's next....watch out!!!!!!!!!)

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