[MV] WWII Towed Gun

tvddan.teresa (tvddan.teresa@mcione.com)
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 08:05:22 -0700

I am looking to trade off one of my pieces. Very rare M-series towable.
XM-34 Rocket Launcher. I only know of 1 other that is still in existance.
One of the only correct towed weapons for an M-series vehicle. Designed to
be towed by a M38, M38A1, I have also seen pictrures behind a M37 and an
M151. It caries a Little John Rocket, and runs on 700 x 16's, Fully
functional, never demiled. only missing front left leveling leg. I have a
dummy/inert Maverick missle that I have put on it for display. It looks
great. SN 10 built by Rock Island in 1960. Looking to trade for most any
USGI WWII towed gun from 37mm to 155mm.

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