Re: RE [MV] Antique restrictions?

Lida L. Bensinger (
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 16:14:33 -0500

>The problem with these 'potential' restrictions is that the Feds (in the
>have a way around stares rights; they simply tie restrictions to
>else. Like when they proposed manditory emissions testing. If a state
didn't do
>it as was their right, they lost fed highway funds which can be up to
90% of
>the cost of an interstate highway. Most states would gladly trade our
>for the almighty buck! . . .
Yes, this tactic is used all the time in U.S. politics. Our volunteer
fire company's get offered tax $$ but as soon as you take the money they
begin to require you to take certain state approved training and buy your
trucks and equipment from an in-state dealer they choose. They seem to
have learned this tactic from drug pushers. Be careful what deals you
make on antique MVs.

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