Re: [MV] M-37 Hard Cab

Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:22:02 EST


The original arctic cabs were a one piece, heavy metal affair with a sliding
rear window and insulated interior. They are often very rusty as the
insulation was a cardboard type that soaked up moisture and then rotted from
the inside out. The track for the sliding window often is rotted as well.
These cabs probably are'nt very common in the southern regions as they were
for arctic areas only. ALL Canadian M37's used them, as well as all the M37's
I have seen out of Alaska. Shipping would be by truck freight and cost you a
bundle if you find one. One option would be trying one of the fiberglass cabs
that some aftermarket mfgs made, although I am not sure if anyone is making
those anymore. Also, Memphis Equip advertises aftermarket cabs, dont know if
they are fibreglass or metal.

Erik Timothy
Federal Way, WA

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