Re: [MV] M-37 Hard Cab

Dan Pinkham 704-843-6070 Fax 704-843-6430 (Dan_Pinkham@SIL.ORG)
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 20:34:44 +0000 (GMT)

Try SECO in Augusta Georgia (call directory assistance, area code has changed
and I don't have a number). They have after market cabs which can be shipped
knocked down. They are all metal with fixed rear glass window about 4/5ths size
of original sliding window. They look almost the same as the original but are a
bit heavier duty (has about 1.5" more head room). Assembly is bolt together
affair and is easy. There is no interior liner but you can make your own like I
did. When calling ask for Byron and mention you heard about them from me - Dan
Pinkham. You got questions call me at home 8-10 pm, your nickle 704-843-1165,
Charlotte, N.C. Don't know current price.

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