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Henrik Teller (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 10:52:52 +1000

Hi John and Colin !


> Are you sure you are
> not referring to a 'Humber Mk1 Scout'. The later Mk's were called
> 'Humber Light Reconnaissance'. If there is a Canadian version I
> would be interested in seeing some pics. The 'Humber Mk1 Scout's',
> are few and far between and very valuable. The only examples I have
> ever seen were the three ex 'Polish Brigade', ones owned by John
> Marchant. I worked on one which we swapped with the Warsaw Museum
> back in 1985 for two MIG 15's (fully kitted out and in flying
> condition. I have a number of photos of unpacking them from the
> containers if any one is interested). Another went to an American
> collector who lives in Liege, Belgium (his name escapes me but he
> was a friend of James Swann in Australia who subscribes to this list
> from time time). And the last I believe went to A.F.Budge.

At least another one seems to have survived. They were used in the
Danish army from just after WWII and until 1953.
There=B4s a picture of a Danish Mk. I at my homepage
Have a nice day :-)

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