RE: [MV] Useless, completely useless. 8-)

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (
Mon, 29 Dec 97 13:51:31 EST

In the 'poor design' (I work as an Engineer) category come many 'M' series

The M151 rear differential bolted to a loudspeaker (AKA floor) w/o rubber

The M151 differentials that they could not design to be quiet 50+ years after
they started making hypoid car and truck differentials.

Any M series gas stationary engine with a magneto

Over running front drive xfer cases used on most M series deuce trucks

The 'new' series of cabover 2.5 and 5 tonners that won't fit into a C141 cargo
plane w/o special prep and spring compressers.

Getting off of my soapbox

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