[MV] Looking for a M151

Chris Davi (chrismv@juno.com)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 06:46:36 -0800

I own a M151 and have a friend interested in buying it, or some other
M151 out there. From a financial stand point I should sell him mine, but
I thought I'd check the list first and see if anyone in the South Western
U.S. might have one for sale. He's looking to pay somewhere in the $3 to
$5000 range. Cut is ok if the re-weld is well done, but must have a
clean title.

I guess while I'm asking, does any one have an M37 for sale? I'm
actually interested in one that has been converted to V8, or even without
an engine.


Chris Davis
Lake Forest, CA
'62 M151

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