Re: [MV] Useless, completely useless. 8-)

Colin Brookes (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 08:06:15 +1200

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"Gordon.W.I. McMillan" <> writes
> Let's have suggestions for the most pointless / useless / badly
>designed and / or manufactured piece of kit that was part of pride and
>joy when issued.
>I'll nominate a couple of them to start;
>The drivers door on a WC53 3/4 ton Carryall.
>Canvas winch rope covers on anything.
>Deck-mounted hand bilge pump on a DUKW
>Capstan winch on a GPA or Weasel.
>Any other nominations ?

>Gordon 8-)
>(Happy New Year to all when it comes )

Hows about the brakes on the 'Vickers 3.7inch AA Gun'. (An 11 ton mobile
gun supposedly able to be stopped by a passenger sitting in the back of
the towing truck pulling on a piece of string after a shout from the

I'm not sure about the New Year though. I think due to lack of
interest.... tomorrow may have been cancelled !

Colin Brookes

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