re: [MV] Jeep options
30 DEC 97 09:07:25 EST

Hi Laurent,
I only recall the machine gun pedestal mount, radio sets, stretcher
brackets(?) and desert cooling kits offhand. Most others were field
modifications like the wire cutter, cargo basket, "follow me" signs, dash
mounts for machine guns, railway adapters, etc. etc. etc. Some of these were
probably made into official kits later or fitted at the factory (like the gas
can bracket and trailer plug for MB/GPW's) when it was a good idea for all
the vehicles to have them. The M151 "upgrades" mentioned in recent posts
(parts courtesy of other vehicles) gives an idea of the inventiveness
required to adapt the vehicle to the mission and was probably SOP from the
first time an army bought anything.
The Hotchkiss had several more like recoiless rifle mounts, missle
launchers, 12V & 24V electrics and others. Post war saw MB's using factory
made items intended for the CJ's (maybe it was easier to buy them than have
the base shop make them) like arctic cabs, snow plows, heaters, and anything
else (again) you can imagine that was needed. Most books have pictures
showing things like these and "La Jeep" by Jeudy (out of print) has great
pictures of all the Hotchkiss add-ons.
Just some thoughts from all that reading. Never seen an official list.

Happy Holidays to All (whatever you celebrate),
Dennis O'Connor

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