[MV] RE:Air Filters

Cliff Dahl (wrcc@rapidnet.com)
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 19:58:56 -0700

Although I know of no tests done in this area on the effectivness of oil
bath vs paper filters, I believe the oil bath is the better of the two.
When I was a teenager, the common civilian vehicles were the 55 and 56
models which all used oil bath cleaners. I remember conversations with
mechanics about the two different filters and all agreed that oil bath was
the best way to go even though they were not as "pretty".
I purchased my first military vehicle, an all original and complete 1952
M38A1, in 1972 and have driven it ever since. I have to confess that
during the last 25 years this vehicle has never seen regular maintenance
and has been severly abused and mis-used by me. (Since I began subscribing
to MV magazine a few years ago, purchased more MV's and became a regular
member of this list, things have changed and the M38A1 along with my other
MV's get tender loving care, frame up restorations if needed and indoor
storage). Anyway, back to the filter. When I took the oil bath filter off
to do a frame up restoration this last summer, the original oil from when I
purchased the jeep was still in the filter. Needless to say, it was black
and dirty, but everything from the filter to the engine was in good and
clean condition. After all those years, sitting outside, and being used in
all kinds of conditions, the engine never failed from dirt or other foreign
objects entering the carb. I guess this plus the fact that the oil bath is
the original equipment for these vehicles is good enough for me and they
will continue their service on my vehicles.

Cliff Dahl
1952 M38A1
1942 M2A1
1952 M211 (2)

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