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MV List Admin (postmaster@skylee.com)
Wed, 1 Jul 98 00:00:04 -0700


List Etiquette

***Do not quote extensively from a previous post.***
Some posts have included the entire message to which the
writer is responding. Please don't. Trim your message to a minimum
and add your observations. Most definitely do NOT quote a previous
post in its entirety and merely add a couple of words of comment.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, post a test message to the list.
It wastes everyone's time. If you think you have a problem, e-mail
me directly and I'll do my best to help you.

By default, replies are directed to the original poster. There is
a reason for this. Be sure to post only appropriate messages to the
list. I may consider changing this in the future, and will ask for
comments on it at a later time.

Please do not send mail to the lists with a Read Receipt requested.
It generates unnecessary traffic and is considered quite rude by

Postings of a commercial nature are a delicate matter. If you are
an individual and wish to buy or sell something that relates
specifically to the list's charter, your message will probably be
acceptable. If you represent a company, send a message to
<postmaster@skylee.com> with a copy of your message attached and I
will determine its appropriateness.

Please do not forward error messages (user unknown, host unknown,
connection timed out, etc.) to the list. If private e-mail you send
to a member bounces and your reply is of general interest, feel
free to forward the message to the list with an explanation: "My
mail to the original poster bounced so I am sending this to the
list" and then forward your original message. You might perhaps
also send the bounce headers to postmaster@skylee.com, but it isn't
necessary as I'll probably have received a bounce by then, too).

Please do not post private messages to the list, or messages like
"Bob, I lost your phone number, please e-mail me." Use private
e-mail for that.

NOTE: If you have lost a person's e-mail address, examine the list
archives at <http://www.skylee.com/archives/mil-veh/index.html> for
it. If that fails, e-mail me at <postmaster@skylee.com> and I'll
try to help.

Do not post messages in MIME format, do not post messages in NeXTmail
format, and do not post HTML code. Do not attache VeriSign digital
signatures. They will be filtered by the list software and will
bounce. Although not necessary, feel free to sign your messages
with PGP. Keep your messages in plain text, as that is the common
denominator across PC, Mac, and UNIX platforms. Note that some
browsers may be configured to forward a copy of a web page (as an
"attachment") if you open a new mail message while examining
that page. Please don't do this.

Do not post binaries. If you have image files you'd like to share
with the group, post a pointer to them, either an ftp site or a
URL, or offer to e-mail them individually to people who are interested.

Keep on top of your mailbox and e-mail address. The first time mail
to you bounces, I may unsubscribe you. The second time mail to you
bounces, I will unsubscribe you. It is your responsibility to make
sure that your e-mail address is valid and that you have enough
disk space to accept messages. I archive the list at
<http://www.skylee.com/archives/>, and if you think you may have
missed some list traffic, check there.

The list language is English. Don't post in non-English languages,
and please avoid using slang, dialect, or colloquialisms (other
than a greeting or sign off; use your common sense). The list is
enjoyed by many people for whom English is their second or third
language. Please be considerate of them. Written communications
that often deal with complex mechanical concepts are hard enough
for native English speakers to follow. Please don't make it any
more hard for everyone else.

Finally, do not post personal attacks. If for some reason you feel
compelled to flame someone, take it to private e-mail. Maintain
reasonable courtesy.

I reserve the right to unsubscribe you if you violate these polite,
common sense rules. That said, I run the mil-veh list for your
enjoyment. Please do not abuse it.

Version: 2.6.2
Comment: From Arthur C. Kyle <ack@skylee.com>


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