Re: [MV] M151
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 03:21:15 EDT

My self I like to keep it as origanal as posible for the year of the Veh. Yes
that means that the M151&A1's wipers run off vacuum and the fuel pump is
But, I quess its all in what you want, and are using this jeep for???
So, If you go with the mechanical pump that means you have to switch to the
A2 style windshield so the wipers run off electric.

Your "JEEP" nut !!!!!!!
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62 M151
67 M151A1w/M4 pedistal&Cradle,M60(dummy)AN / VRC-47(radio)heater,fording kit
71 M151A2 w/ROPS,heater
67 M416 trailer

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