[MV] M151

Wed, 1 Jul 1998 03:45:20 EDT

Hey list;

Need to know if any one out there has ever heard of a 1971 M151A2 made of
"GALVANIZED" Steel. There's a sticker on my dash that says "This body is made
of galvanized steel." Also it has got to be made of it because the paint
won't stay on it to well !! Mark at RAPCO has never heard of it eather. This
JEEP is stamped Made by FORD. I also didn't know Ford made them in the 70's

Your "JEEP" nut !!!!!!!
MVPA Member # 18907
62 M151
67 M151A1w/M4 pedistal&Cradle,M60(dummy)AN / VRC-47(radio)heater,fording kit
71 M151A2 w/ROPS,heater
67 M416 trailer

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