Re: [MV] RE what vehicles would have CARC

Alan Bowes (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:27:47 -0600

Hard to say. You could have the paint analyzed, but I think the best solution
is to always assume that the paint is potentially dangerous.

The thing is, ANY unknown paint, CARC or otherwise, MIGHT contain heavy metals
or other toxic gunk, so the best thing is to just assume the worst. There are a
lot of "civilian" paints that contain heavy metals. Always wear the right
respirator or other safety equipment when spraying, stripping, or sanding.

As to welding, you can get low-profile disposable welding respirators (with
activated carbon layers) that you can wear under a welding helmet. Just make
sure they're approved for the smoke from the paint. Check with the


Dr Deuce 264-0909 wrote:

> When did they start using CARC? Did all vehicles after that time get CARC?
> Does my M151A2 have CARC?
> I suppose welding the body (already painted) is probably dangerous with the
> Steve

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