[MV] Willys Clocks

Tom Woodburn (twoodbur@seidata.com)
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 16:07:06 -0500

A friend of mine here in Indiana had purchased a jeep dealership clock
from the late 50's or early 60's several years ago with a CJ 5 pushing
through mud and the motto "Traction in Action". Every time one of us saw
it, the drool would start to flow.
He was also always disappointed that he could not buy a round dealership
clock with the neon tube behind the glass and the rotating border like
the Ford and Chevy collectors can buy as a reproduction. To make a long
story short he had 10 of each style reproduced, knowing that 9 other
jeep friends would take the rest, boy was he right.
After I got my two I ask him if I could offer them to the jeep
collectors on the internet and he agreed if there was enough interest so
that he could order another batch from the company that makes them. I'll
make an attempt to describe them but I don't feel I can really them do
they justice.
No 1..........Traction in Action...
15" in diameter
3 1/4" deep
Full metal housing........ electric clock works with two low wattage
bulbs for backlighting. (110 volts)
Orange numbers and blue lettering saying TRACTION IN ACTION
In the center is a orange CJ5 with a muddy brown bottom half, pushing
through lockout deep light brown mud. The artist rendition shows the
wipers on the top of the windshield frame which will help you date the
It is very well made and copied from the original in quality and style.
No 2............... Willys Sales and Service
This clock is big and meaty.
20" diameter
5 1/2" deep
All metal housing with electric clockworks (110 volts)
The Willys Sale/Service and the W/O logo are in the center of the clock.

Behind the glass front is a white neon tube around the perimeter. The
perimeter design on top of the neon is created to make a changing black
and white border.
The price for Traction in Action is $199.00 plus shipping and the price
for Willys sales/service is $399.00 plus shipping.
These are not cheap but they are a very well made item and a great
collector piece. Mine are both hanging in the living room and even my
lady friends like them.
Call Linsey Clark at 317 574 9900 and talk to him about getting another
order together.
I'm not selling these but will answer e-mail question but I don't have
pictures available.
Tom Woodburn
1945 MB
1949 Jeepster
1976 CJ7
1969 M151A1
1948 Bantam Trailer
1967 M416
and others

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