Re: [MV] m38 Brake pedal adjustment
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:59:24 EDT

Chuck wrote:

>Can somone assist me with information on how to tighten
>the brake pedal on my 52 m38? The pedal feels fine as
>far as braking but it has a very annoying side to side

The brake and clutch pedal arms pivot on a horizontal shaft mounted to the
frame under the driver floor. My '51 M38's brake pedal had a sloppy side to
side wobble and I found this shaft deeply worn which allowed the pedal to
rock. I bought new, old stock shaft and NOS brake pedal arm from Army Jeep
Parts and in an hour was back to solid pedal operation.

> Is there some type of gasket that could be missing?

On mine there were spacer washers that fit on either side of the brake pedal
arm on the shaft mentioned above. If they were missing it would allow the
shaft to wander left and right of its normal position, but only the shaft wear
would let it rock/wobble side to side. Perhaps your shaft is worn AND one or
more spacers are missing.


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