[MV] M-37 restart second phase dropping pan

Mike and Cheryl (mleaton@netins.net)
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:53:21 -0500

Thanks for your previous advice need some more.

To get you up to date. I drained the oil on my 52 M-37. Looked dark but
not terrible. Reaching in the pan through drain hole I felt a thick oil
left below hole level. the truck had set for 3 year I have decided to drop
the pan and clean up. I have heard that the pick up is somewhat crude.
I am wondering if someone has replaced this with something better or
more modern. I guess I will be ordering an engine manual all I have now
is a borrowed Ops and Organizational Maint. Manual TM 9-8030. As a side
note found a book in glovebox that said oil was changed 60 miles ago in
( hope it isn't right) mileage on odometer is 41860. Any other response to
is I should be looking at (not sure what parts are even in this pan) if I
take more apart or what manual would be best for this operation.
I was thinking of going over to Vintage Power Wagon about a 2+ hour
drive one way. But been busy at work commercial refrigeration service.

52 M-37 currently static display, but working on it slowly.

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