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<< I'm curious. With all this talk of the low s/n GPW, what is the lowest
numbered GPW still in existence?

Bob >>
First a disclaimer for those who may not realize; The lowest serial number
does not necessarily indicate the OLDEST GPW. It is tough to define a criteria
for that particular distinction. I suppose the earliest date of delivery would
be the way to go but even then there is room for argument. The earliest date
of delivery would not necessarily be the earliest truck to be made into a
complete assembly. Nor would the earliest engine casting date for several
reasons. There is evidence to suggest that the very earliest GPWs had Willys
engines that were stamped with a GPW serial number. They were most likely not
stamped with consecutive serial numbers in the same order that they were cast.
I do not know the earliest DOD to be located but I do know of one GPW that was
delivered in Feb of 1942. It may very well prove to be the "oldest" GPW but
it is not the lowest serial number. I believe it was GPW 327 but can't recall
with definity. There have been a few GPWs in the 500's located as well. I have
a Willys motor bearing GPW serial number *581*. This is the oldest GPW motor
that I know of myself.
And now the answer to your original question: the lowest GPW serial number
located so far is GPW 4. I doubt that anyone will find one of the three before
that but it would be neat to get a picture of them together if someone does
someday locate #s 1, 2, or 3.
For reference GPW 4 has a Date of Delivery of April 10 1942 so it may not be
the "oldest" GPW despite its low serial number. AAW by Ray Cowdery shows 500
as the lowest number and I have even had some "experts" tell me that Ford
started at # 500. Aw well, I guess that nobody knows everything.

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