Re: [MV] MB/GPW Spare Tire Carrier Info
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 00:54:05 EDT

In a message dated 7/1/98 0:37:43 AM EST, writes:

<< 2. Beachwood and Sarafan catalogs imply that there is a "foot" which is
associated with the two-bolt, but not the three. Could someone describe
the foot? Is it supposed to support a majority of the weight of the
tire/rim, and the disc really just keeps the wheel in place? Did they
ever use the two-bolt spare carrier without the foot?
The foot is a small platform, with a brace that bolts to the body and frame of
the jeep. The weight of the tire rests on it and the disc keeps it in place.
Any jeep that used this foot will have the corresponding holes in the frame
and body tub. (1 hole in each)
btw: smart motor sgts would tell you to mount your spare with the valve stem
at the top so that water doesn't run into it.

Are the body mounting holes the same for the three bolt and two bolt
carriers? >> yup.

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