[MV] GPW headlight flicker

Robert G. Riddell (ridfam@juno.com)
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 21:42:24 -0400

Hi folks, I recently put a GPW on the road and I've found that the
headlights flicker quite a bit when traveling. I'm assuming that is not
normal but I could be wrong about that. I never noticed this when idling.
I've checked for loose connections and found none, the fan belt is tight
as well. What I find odd is that the dash lights do not seem to flicker
at all.
All the lights brighten slightly when RPMs increase off idle, which if I
recall correctly, is normal for vehicles with a generator. The lights
really dim (almost to the point of being off) when I pull into my
driveway, which happens to be steep, so the engine bogs down a bit.
Could this be a sign of a voltage regulator problem?

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