[MV] Confirmed Early GPW, but not that early

Fri, 03 Jul 1998 17:56:04 CDT

I got to go loock at the earlyGPW I posted on yesterday--it is an early
one--but not quite as early as the guy reported on the phone.

It is an early GPW on a willys frame. The data plate read 1/4 T, serial
#3531 with a delivery date of 8-4-42. The plates are obviously
original. The frame is basically restored with the body sitting there
waiting to be restored. The engine was missing. The frame read
*GPW353I* That isn't a typo on my part--it read 353I rather than 3531.
It is a Willys frame with lots of F marked parts on the frame. It has
the correct tranny. The body had the original black steering wheel, F
marked front seats, missing rear seats but has all brackets, tool boxes
and locks intact, locking glove box door, level type ignition switch, no
trailer plug hole, missing spare tire mount, missing body handles. The
body tub had a hole cut for the wrong kind of gas tank.

We haven't found the owner yet to talk to him. He is doing something
with it. My friend is interested in maybe buying it if the price is

Despite it not being as early as the one guy thought--it is stil an
early one none-the-less. Sorry about the false alarm--still it is a
find--especially considering where it was foun
d. Tim

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