[MV] Motorcycle Manufacturer.

Ben P. Fisher, Jr. (fisherb@azstarnet.com)
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 21:19:16 -0700

While I was on my walk tonight got to thinking back 40+ years when I was
in the Air Force and we had a vehicle called a Servicycle. It looked
like a shrunk down Harley but not as small as a Mod-Ped. It did not have
a transmission and used a centrifugal clutch.Speed it up and the shoes
of the clutch engaged the drum and away you went. Does any one out there
remember them and who was the manufacturer? We had two in our squadron
to use for transportation on the flight line and around the shops. I
only drove one once but it was a pretty neat little motorcycle. Wonder
if any are still in exisitance???

Ben P. Fisher, Jr. Corona, Arizona (North Charleroi, Pa. Native)

53 Marine M38A1
52 Army M38A1

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